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Poser Pro 2012:
Poser Pro 2012 delivers the most complete suite of Weight Map Creation tools in the world of Poser. Creating & tweaking Weight Maps is easy using Poser Pro 2012 is updated Joint Editor. The Paint Mode interactively paints vertices. Apply Symmetry to transfer bend & bulge Weight Maps from side to side. Convert existing Poser figures to Weight Maps. Combine Weight Maps with Zones for Hybrid Joint Rigging. With Poser Pro 2012 is new Weight Map Auto Transfer, you will be able to move existing Weight Map Rigs onto any new figure. This state of the art suite of Weight Map Creation Tools is going to change the face of content development for Poser Pro 2012
Looking for a way to easily animate an object being picked up? Check out this Constraint Channels & Objects tutorial video. Constraints are a simple to use new feature in Poser Pro 2012 that will open-up powerful animation effects. This powerful new feature in Poser Pro 2012 makes it incredibly easy to transform any existing clothing item into a full vertex Weight Map Rigged conforming clothing item. Simply open the object you want to transform in the Set-Up room, click on the figure you want the item to match in the Poser Pro 2012 Library & let Poser Pro 2012 do the rest. Once transformed, the new figure will inherit the source figure’s vertex Weight Maps & even body part groups. Poser Pro 2012 literally takes seconds to transform any imported or older figure or geometry into a fully Weight Mapped Poser Pro 2012 Figure.Skin, wax & marble are just some of the materials that are translucent when struck by light. To recreate this subtle yet crucial effect when rendering these materials in Poser Pro 2012. New Nodes include Subsurface Skin, Custom Scatter & basic Scatter. The Scatter Node includes a number of optimized pre-sets for Skin, Marble, Milk, Fruit & Vegetables. With Poser Pro 2012 is new Subsurface Material nodes, you will transform your scenes into rendered masterpieces with lifelike translucent surfaces.


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