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McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Proxy (McAfee GTI Proxy) enables McAfee VirusScan Enterprise nodes to perform McAfee GTI file reputation (formerly known as Artemis) queries from within the enterprise network without requiring direct access to the public McAfee cloud from all McAfee VirusScan Enterprise (version 8.7 or later) endpoint systems. With McAfee GTI Proxy, organizations ensure that they have up-to-date threat protection and robust virus detection capabilities, including a strong defense against advanced persistent threats and botnets, even if Internet access is limited.

Consolidated cloud communications — Driven by compliance or other factors, organizations often have unique requirements for allowing applications to access resources on the Internet. For organizations operating limited Internet access environments, McAfee GTI Proxy consolidates communications between McAfee VirusScan Enterprise clients that have McAfee GTI file reputation queries activated and the McAfee cloud via a set of auditable proxy servers.

Streamlined deployment and management — McAfee GTI Proxy is delivered as a VMware virtual appliance and managed by the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform. Optimized for efficiency, McAfee GTI Proxy requires little additional network overhead.

Real-time threat protection — Leveraging McAfee GTI via the cloud to resolve real-time file reputation queries, McAfee GTI Proxy identifies suspicious files that may contain malware.

Stop malware in real time
Close the protection gap with McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI). McAfee GTI offers comprehensive, real-time protection against both known and emerging threats and McAfee GTI Proxy enables GTI support for VirusScan Enterprise clients. McAfee GTI, a cloud-based service using reputation-based threat protection in addition to other techniques, correlates real-world data collected from millions of sensors globally and delivers automated intelligence to VirusScan Enterprise via the GTI Proxy.

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