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WebSmartz Flash Banner Designer 5.0 (Datecode 27.07.2013)
Efficient features embedded in this flash banner creator makes it easy for the users to create dynamic banners with few clicks of the mouse! The flash banner software doesnt make it necessary for the users to have expertise in Flash technology. Drag & drop functionality in flash banner maker helps them to add different components in the banner design. With this software, you have the flexibility to save output in HTML, flash or SWF formats.

New Features of Flash Banner Designer:
- With banner rotator, you can add multiple banners on a web page in a definite pattern. You can provide the URL of the page where you want to get your viewers redirected. It can happen only when they click on a particular image on a web page. This banner rotator creates a javascript code, which the users can easily retrieve.
- Give curved effect to the text with the feature Arc text available in flash banner software. Use Character map feature to display characters for a particular style of font, so that you can insert them in your own banner design or inbuilt flash banner templates.
- Find different options in both static & animated banner backgrounds. 350 static backgrounds are available under 18 banner sizes; and 50 animated backgrounds are there which can be applied to almost any banner, no matter what is the size.
- In any selected banner element, you can insert image with Fill with Image feature. You can add text to it or fill the element with a symbol. You can also apply a shape along with an image; and the image will be appearing on the object according to the shape of that object.
- Star, Rectangle, Ellipse, Round Rectangle, Hexagon, Octagon, Diamond and Semicircle, whichever shape you want to use for the banners background, can be easily used.
- Filters are included to give special effects to the different banner elements. These effects are Invert, Sharpen, Grey scale, Edge and Water.
- Make use of blur/emboss effects for customizing banners and different objects used in the banners. These effects can be applied on shapes, symbols, text and images.
- The feature Select All is included in flash banner maker to enable you to select all the objects added in canvas. The feature Group/Ungroup is used to move 2 or more banner elements together or to simultaneously apply some effect/effects on them.
- This tool enables you to select color from any element on the screen to apply it on some banner object.
- With efficient and feature-rich flash design software (such as Flash Banner Designer 5.0), you can upload your banners to FTP websites. To use those websites again, all you have to do is to simply add some information related to those websites.
- With this feature, multiple banners can be opened at the same time in separate tabs. It means that working on many banner projects simultaneously is now possible for the users.
- Not only a basic RGB palette, but you can also get multiple color palettes like Pastels, Primary and Metallic in this flash banner creator.
- Overlays are predesigned animations which appear on the banner. To provide special effects to the banners, overlays can be used.
- There is a feature in the software to help you save your creation as template and use it later when needed. The template can be saved in the template library and this makes access to that template easier.
- Through an attachment in the e-mail, you can send your banner design to any recipient/recipients.
- Easily flip different banner objects like text, image, shape or symbol, horizontally or vertically. This is an improved & enhanced feature of the Flash banner designer to help you experiment with your creation.
- Get exact measurement of banner & other banner objects with Ruler. For accuracy in the measurement, the ruler can be moved to the workspace.
- Outline text, images, symbols and shapes with Outline feature. Customize outline properties according to your needs.


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