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Aero Glass for Windows 8 1.2 | 6.85MB

This utility returns the glass effect to the borders of windows shell windows 8 windows borders and programs do not have their own themes. Key features:
Aero Glass - glass effect to the borders of windows
Blur - Blur Effect
Transparency - Change the transparency panel personalization (slider "color intensity")
Change the border color of an inactive window
Boundary of the shell windows (to add shine, shadow, etc.) without changing the Windows theme
Full support for native themes, including themes and compatibility MSStyle at DWM API
Minimal use of resources

Kind of glass:
Your windows are displayed with transparent edges. This view allows you to see what is hiding abroad. A key element is the blurring of the boundaries of the content of the glass to prevent excessively definition. Fully native: The utility is fully integrated into the Desktop Window Manager without violating any security system or modifying system files. All imaging performed through the device native Direct3D. Complied with all the parameters color corrected in the Control Panel Windows. Use the slider "Color intensity" to adjust the transparency. Used without using third-party themes: Due to the nature of the native Windows utilities themes are beginning to support the effect of Aero Glass. All functions controlled via API DWM (eg DwmEnableBlurBehindWindow or DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea), including the user effect blur the Start menu or the taskbar. Resource Usage: This library tries to use all the resources DWM as possible and to minimize the use of RAM and VRAM. Created objects do not block, no background service is not running. The result is a lightweight library that behaves in exactly the same way as Aero Glass in Windows 7. There is no performance degradation!

Very important:
The library is intended for advanced users only. If you're new and you do not have basic knowledge about the system Windows (for example, Registry editing, manipulation services - UAC, SecureBoot etc.) better go by and not install this software.

How to install the software:
Entirely up to you how you set the library on your system. Just make sure that the process dwm.exe and explorer.exe will load at a very early stage of execution. One possible way is to use autoinstaller, which ensures that the library will be entered into each process. The disadvantage of this method is that you need to disable SecureBoot. Unzip the downloaded file to an arbitrary location. The main thing is that this place should not contain spaces in the path name (for example the folder "AeroGlass" at the root of the system drive), and must have full access to the record. Then open the Windows Registry Editor and navigate to the branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Windows. The following figure highlighted in red what values ??to change. ! Any other value should not be changed!

Change the settings:
Change the color / transparency of the active / inactive window:
This can easily be done using the Windows Registry Editor in the branch HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ DWM. You can find there the existing value, named ColorizationXXX (where XXX is an individual installable component) designed for active windows. If you create the same value with the suffix Inactive (ie ColorizationXXXInactive), then these settings will apply to inactive windows.
But remember that the coloring of the frame also depends on your theme. Most of the topics set the opacity of inactive windows to 20%. Changing other settings: See ofsayta, there are some recommendations, or use: Aero Blur Tweaker Glass 1.1 [En]

How to use themes or create your own:
When using Windows controls such as buttons to minimize / full screen / close the window shade, etc., he uses images that are stored in your current theme. Usually you will need to change your theme and install patch 2.2 UltraUXThemePatcher [En] , to be able to change the appearance of windows windows. Aero Glass comes with a feature that you can change these images directly without having to edit the theme. Just edit the PNG image by default, select it with the way the registry settings «CustomThemeResource» DWM.EXE and restart the process. Okona will be drawn using a custom image. Just remember that no subject your windows may be displayed incorrectly.

Composition of the distribution:
Avtoustanovschik (SecureBoot be otklyuchon)
Library to manually install third-party themes x32, x64
Topics window borders

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